GiGi's Kitchen is the place where great cooking and fantastic vibes meet. Our food is nutritious, delicious, and affordable, and we welcome diners young and old. Try it yourself—

Business Hours: 11am - 11pm

Online Orders: 3pm - 10:30pm

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Gi Gi's Kitchen is more than a expeditious

comfort food restaurant. It's an experience.

We pride ourselves on creating soul food that nourishes the body but also pleases the taste buds. We provide a family atmosphere where everyone that enters our doors are not just customers but also  family. 

We cater to many dietary needs, no matter if you're vegan, veggie, pesca, pollo or flexitarian. Gi Gi's has a good home cooked meal just for you!

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“The way to my heart!” 

 -   Camille  -



“Reminds me of my grandmother's cooking- A taste of home.”

-  Anthony  -

“Makes my journey being a Vegan a little easier”

-  Lynn  -

“The BEST soul food in all of Kentucky” 

 -   Mike  -



“Speaks right to my soul”

-  Christina  -

“I could pretty much eat from here everyday”

-  Brittany  -

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